Wedding Flowers By Seasons And Month

Understanding wedding flowers by season can help brides and grooms select floral designs that are fresh and locally sourced.

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Weddings traditionally feature beautiful floral arrangements and bouquets. The types of flowers for weddings available vary depending on the season and month when a couple decides to tie the knot. Understanding wedding flowers by season can help brides and grooms select floral designs that are fresh and locally sourced.

Spring Weddings (March-May)

Many couples opt for spring weddings due to the abundance of lovely blossoms coming into bloom as the weather warms up. Here are some popular springtime wedding flower options to pick from your local florist in Wake Forest NC:


Tulips have bright colors and varied shapes that always makes them ideal for both bouquets and table centerpieces. Varieties like Picotee tulips with their striped petals or Parrot tulips with their vivid hues provide a vibrant pop of color.


Lilies varieties such as Easter lilies and Asiatic lilies with their trumpet shapes work well in bridal bouquets or boutonnieres. Their lush petals come in an array of shades like pure white, delicate pinks, and sunny yellows.


Peonies are large, lush blooms with full rounds of petals resembling roses. Their romantic appearance makes them perfect for spring weddings. Varieties such as the classic pink Double Delight peach peony or the Coral Charm peony with its coral-colored petals bring beauty to bridal bouquets and floral displays.

Summer Weddings (June-August)

Summer offers an abundance of blooms for wedding flowers due to long days of warm sunlight and rainfall. Here are some top floral picks for summer nuptials:


Roses are a perennial favorite for summer weddings. Their heavenly fragrance and variety of colors from blush pink to rich red make them ideal. Garden roses with their lush petals or hybrid tea roses with their classic shapes are lovely bouquet additions.


Sunflowers symbolize joy and happiness, making them a lovely complement to summer celebrations. Tall stems adorned with oversized pollen-dusted blooms ranging from bright yellow to rich mahogany add sunny charm.


Dahlias come in a vivid rainbow of hues from tangerine to plum and everything in between. Their full, decorative blooms with their unique central disks provide texture and color to floral arrangements. Varieties like the Ballerina series with its graceful pastel blooms or the Bishop’s Children dahlia with wine-colored blooms offer diversity.

Autumn Weddings (September-November)

As the seasons change in fall, wedding floral choices also transition. Many couples appreciate the cozy, autumnal vibes and these October wedding flowers in season lend to a harvest or Thanksgiving wedding:


Chrysanthemums known as “mums” come in an array of colors from creamy whites to oranges and reds. Their rounded blooms last well and provide lush fullness to flower arrangements. Varieties like the bold Garland Daisy mum with its wide petals or the subtle pink powder puff mum offer uniqueness.


Astilbes resemble feathery plumes and come in shades of pink, red, and white for a softly romantic look. Their fern-like leaves provide texture and lend themselves well to wildflower-style bouquets.

Fall wedding flowers like colorful carnations, statice, and hypericum berries add layers of color. Incorporating accents like maple leaves, rustic grasses, and sprigs of berries also brings the outdoors indoors for an organic, harvest theme.

Winter Weddings (December-February)

For couples marrying during the colder months, greenery and berries become more prominent options. Here are some beautiful winter wedding flower choices:


Eucalyptus has a fresh, green color and lent-like shape. Its subtly aromatic foliage makes elegant filler material for bouquets and centerpieces.


Pomanders made of small oranges or apples wrapped with ribbon and decorated with cloves, pinecones, or holly provide a festive atmosphere.

Fragrant olive branch sprigs with their small oval green leaves last for several weeks and provide rustic charm.

Deep burgundy or dusty rose roses and amaryllis also offer color options when other blooms at your local WakeForest flower shop are scarce. Accenting with white roses, succulents, and frosted eucalyptus can also bring winter wonderland vibes.

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